Meet Our Consultants

Susan Mackintosh, RN, Nurse Consultant

Susan Mackintosh is our Nurse Consultant. She joins us following her recent retirement from a 30-year career in nursing. Her career roles have included Clinician and Instructor in ICU, and Emergency and Coronary Care. She has been a specialist in Burn Care Nursing and Chronic Disease Management, specifically in Congestive Heart Failure, which provide her with varied experience and a broad perspective. She also has a long history of community teaching. She brings to our team a special awareness of the needs of our patients.

Linda Ford, Editorial Staff and Research Consultant

Linda Ford is our editor and researcher. She has over forty years experience in the medical field as a medical and gynecological assistant, phlebotomist, transcriptionist and medical and sexual editor. She has had over 100 hours of coursework in human sexuality, and has staffed the San Francisco Sexual Information (SFSI) switchboard.