Couples Sex Therapy Programs

The Couples Intensive Sex Therapy Program

Too many couples only get to counselling after it’s too late. This program is designed for those couples who are generally satisfied with their sexual relationship, but have some relationship issues or concerns. Earlier entry into treatment prevents the development of more serious problems.

Dr. Hersh has created a 12-hour, 3-day, weekend, Intensive Therapy Program that is designed and modified for the needs of each couple. The major focus of the program is where sexuality fits into the relationship. Couples are seen together and separately throughout the course of the program.

We always begin with a few single sessions, so we can get an initial sense of each other, to make sure there is a good therapeutic match. We then come to an agreement and set up time for a weekend together.

During the program you will be in session for approximately twelve hours over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sessions are between two to three hours each and will usually occur more than once a day.

Therapy sessions lasting two hours or longer are intense, and they take a special commitment by the couple to the hard work ahead. You need to come to the program with both physical and emotional stamina to examine your relationship this deeply. There will never be any nudity or sexual touch during our sessions together.

During the first face-to-face session you will have an opportunity to enter the process slowly so you can get into the frame of mind to move forward. We will also come to an agreement about a set of specific communication models so we can be efficient and effective.


In the second and third sessions you will be seen individually. You will choose between yourselves who goes first. At that time we will focus on past emotional, relationship and sexual experiences which have led you to be the sexual person you are today. Together we will examine your fears and inhibitions, your shames and embarrassments, and seek out the areas of your sexual life that need clarification and improvement, as well as discussing your goals and hopes for your relationship.

The fourth session will bring the three of us back together. During that time you will learn new ways to prevent and correct relationship and sexual miscues, complete personal developmental tasks that will enable a deeper, more satisfying relationship and confirm your love, respect and sexual desire for your partner. You will build upon your emotional and sexual strengths and vulnerabilities. You will be able to focus on your ability to say what you think and feel. You will increase pleasure and fun on both personal and relationship levels.

A final session will be a review of the program from the beginning to where we are at this point. Then we will make a plan for continuity with a new direction, sharper focus and the energy and excitement for a joyous life together.

The Intensive Therapy Program Dr. Hersh designed has not been developed in a vacuum. There are some excellent therapists who have found similar models to be efficient and effective, and who have each designed and adapted programs that fit their therapeutic style.


New Relationships Program

Early sexual miscues can take their toll on the relationship as a whole. Very few young couples have the experience, guidance or mentoring to commence a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. Our problems, inhibitions, issues and baggage get worse over time. We applaud the new couple who has the strength to have an open forum in counselling, where they are able to discuss the varied sexual relationship possibilities they may be able to develop in their marriage. It is highly recommended to have sex therapy sessions before and early in the sexual relationship.Therapy is not just for problems. It is for wellness, enhancement and confidence. As in other areas, knowledge is power.

Sex in Midlife Program

Recapture – Restore – Rebuild – Renew

“Or, maybe just a grease job and an oil change.”

Studies have shown that mutual, sexual self-disclosure between couples contributes to relationship satisfaction, which in turn leads to greater sexual satisfaction. We have the tools to help you re-examine, re-define and re-create exciting sexuality for yourself and your partner in this next part of your journey together.