Most men and women and adolescent children, and even pre-adolescent children in their youngest years, face, at times, problems which some greater knowledge of sex would help solve. – Alfred C. Kinsey
Sexual concerns do not exist in a vacuum. They are always connected to other issues within your self and your relationship.

Not everyone needs long term therapy. Many people simply need a safe place, and one or a few sessions, to talk about sex, to unload, ask questions, and receive accurate and non-judgmental information.

The good news is people don’t have to suffer. We know how to help you enjoy the exciting benefits of sexual wellness. We offer a safe, comfortable and inclusive space in which to examine your sexual and relationship values, issues and concerns. You will be able to examine who you are, where you may be stuck, your stumbling blocks and the issues which interfere with your having a satisfying and rewarding relationship in and out of bed. My office is a place where change happens.

Sex therapy includes helping people learn to negotiate their sexual styles, take emotional risks, learn sexual communication and define monogamy or other relationship options, while also examining the paradox of love and desire in a committed relationship. We ask the hard questions.

We will help you understand and incorporate your eroticisms into your relationship. You will learn to use the tools and skills you already have while developing new, more successful relationship strategies. If you are single, you can learn skills to find a partner and to be able to communicate your desires.

We can help couples examine outside affairs with integrity, process accountability, re-envision a post-affair relationship and explore erotic recovery, or also help you decide when divorce is the best option and learn how to leave with honour.

  • Are you having trouble with the difficult people in your life?

  • Do you want help putting your sex life back into balance?

  • Does sex feel like an “addiction,” or “out-of-control”?

  • Has there been a breach of trust with secretive, extra-marital sex?

  • Have you given up on being sexual?

  • Do you have difficulty holding off your ejaculation?

  • Has sex become boring?

  • Do you have little or no sexual desire?

  • Do you and your partner argue about what sexual
    activities are acceptable in your relationship?

  • Whether you’re a woman or a man, is it difficult for you
    to reach orgasm by any method?

  • Do you have difficulty getting and/or maintaining an erection, even though your doctor said there is nothing wrong?

  • Do you want more sex than your partner?
    Does your partner want more sex than you?

  • Are you struggling with questions
    about your sexual orientation or gender identity?

  • Are you or your partner having trouble accommodating
    sexually explicit media in your lives?

Skype® sessions available. Many patients in Calgary, Edmonton, Nelson, Kelowna and Vancouver, as well as other areas of Alberta and British Columbia, and Spokane, Washington, see Dr. Hersh via Skype, and have found it to be both efficient and effective. Skype permits the intimacy and immediacy of an in-office consultation, including the important visual cues which we are able to share with each other via webcam, from the comfort of your own home or office at more easily convenient times.

The Hersh Centre for Sexual Wellness is affiliated with Sirota Psychological Services. We are in Calgary, located at 5940 Macleod Trail SW, in Suite 500. In Nelson, BC, we are located at 317 Silica Street. In San Francisco, we are affiliated with the Sex Therapy & Relationship Counseling Center at 2918 Webster Street.

We are Sex Therapists, Psychotherapists, and Marriage and Relationship Counsellors


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