Meet the Therapists

Our Calgary, AB, office has a dedicated staff of sex therapists, psychotherapists, and marriage counsellors helping people fulfill their personal lives, marriages or intimate relationships, as well as having an exciting, satisfying and fun sex life. Dr. Hersh also sees people in Nelson, BC, and San Francisco, California.

Dr. David Hersh, Clinical Director

Dr. David Hersh is one of North America’s noted Sex Therapists. He has been practicing as a Psychotherapist since 1966, was a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (1969-2019), and a Sex Therapist in private practice since 1979.

He is from Brooklyn, New York, and completed his college and university studies at American International College, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in 1963. He then received a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Springfield College in 1964, and did doctoral studies at Boston University from 1964 – 1966.

From 1979 – 1984, he was trained, supervised and mentored in Sex Therapy by Dr. Wardell Pomeroy of the Kinsey Institute. During these years, he did an internship in Sex Therapy at the San Francisco Sexual Health Care Clinic, received a doctorate in 1986, and practiced in San Francisco from 1979 – 1990.

Dr. Hersh has lived and practiced in Canada since 1990, where he became a Canadian citizen in 2006. He sees patients in Calgary, AB, Nelson, BC, and San Francisco, California.

His emphasis is on counselling couples and individuals to achieve their greatest relationship potential, beyond the diagnosis and treatment of relationship and/or sexual concerns, to reach the most exciting levels of their relationship with their partners.

Dr. Hersh is a Professional Member of AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists). He was a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) from 1990-2018, a Board Certified Sexologist by the American College of Sexologists (ACS), a Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Sexologists (ABS), and a Founding Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists (FAACS). He is one of the founders of the Sex Therapy Consortium in San Francisco, and was qualified as an expert in Human Sexuality by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, in 2003.

He is also a member of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR) and is listed in The International Who’s Who in Sexology (1st ed.). He has been a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS), the Sex Information and Education Councils of the United States (SIECUS) and Canada (SIECCAN), and has served as a branch Board member and Educator for the Planned Parenthood Association of BC. He is also on the Board of Advisers for The Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, California.

Dr. Hersh provides consultation to colleagues. He also continues to teach, train and mentor.

He has been in a successful, 35+ year relationship and marriage.

Perry Sirota, PhD

Dr. Perry Sirota is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. He holds degrees from McGill and Queen’s Universities. He has been a well-known Registered Psychologist in Calgary, Alberta, for over 25 years. He previously practiced for ten years in Saskatchewan and Ontario. He also has an MBA, and works with organizations as a management consultant. He is a nationally known forensic psychologist and expert in workplace violence.

Dr. Sirota has been helping men and women with sexual problems for over 25 years. He works with individuals and couples experiencing clinical and wellness challenges, including sexuality, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, addictions, workplace conflict, and career uncertainty.

He can be reached by phone at: 403-619-8460, or email at

Jodi Sirota

Jodi Sirota is Director of Serenity House Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre, and Senior Clinician with Sirota Psychological Services. She is a trained General Counsellor and a Certified Addictions Therapist, with over 25 years’ experience. She is recognized in Calgary as an expert at working with troubled youth, women in abusive relationships, Alberta agencies and court system.

She was trained in a Sex Therapy course at the University of Guelph, with Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz, which included a Sexual Attitude Restructuring program. Jodi has also been trained and mentored in sex therapy by Dr. Hersh, and has consulted with him since 2009, to help couples and individuals with a variety of sexual challenges including intimacy, lack of desire and sexually-related communication. She has also worked with all forms of sexual trauma and negative sexual experiences.

She can be reached by phone at: 403-874-2250.

Barbara Ochsner, MA

Barbara Ochsner sees clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #96727). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from San Francisco State University and a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Saybrook University. She has also done counselling with the Pacific Institute program AgeSong, for elderly people who need to be in an assisted living environment.

She has been seeing clients since 1980, working with people who present with problems of socialization, communication, and finding and developing relationships. She also works with sexual issues and how they impact relationships. She works in consultation with many therapists in the Bay Area including Dr. David Hersh, Dr. Seth Prosterman and Dr. Charles Moser.

She can be reached by phone at: 415-665-6993, or her website: Barbara Ochsner