Most men and women and adolescent children, and even pre-adolescent children in their youngest years, face, at times, problems which some greater knowledge of sex would help solve. – Alfred C. Kinsey

These articles are intended to be a resource to help you define and better understand your sexuality.

Erectile Dysfunction, Medication and Your Relationship

Previously taboo men’s medical issues such as erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer are now regularly in the headlines. Men are beginning to pay attention to the physical problems that can cause loss of life or loss of sexual function.

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And Baby Makes Three – Resuming Sex After Childbirth

It is a myth that sex after childbirth, and sex before pregnancy are exactly the same. They are not.

Having a baby is a life-defining event. It’s like flipping the light switch and fusing it “ON”, so the light will never again go out. Your body is forever different.

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Human Sexuality Booklet

A greater understanding of male and female anatomy and how anatomy relates to sex is especially helpful in addressing sexual issues.  This downloadable booklet, written and compiled by Dr. John Lambert, provides a very helpful resource relating to human sexuality.  Areas covered include:

  • Sexual Anatomy
  • Physiology of Sexual Functions
  • Sex Hormones and the Reproductive Period
  • Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Contraception
  • Abortion
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs)