Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to have great sex?

You bet it is. Great, non-gendered, transcendent sex.

What are the main things people worry about in relation to their sex lives?

Am I normal?

How long is a counselling session?

A session lasts 50 minutes.

For initial sessions, many people choose to stay an additional half-hour or hour, should you desire it at that time.

Does it always take a bunch of appointments to help with sexual issues?

No. Not everyone needs long term therapy. Many people simply need a safe place, and one or a few sessions, to talk about sex, to unload, ask questions, and receive accurate and non-judgmental information.

Sometimes all it takes is a single session, although a few sessions is more typical.

Do you serve only heterosexuals?

Sexual problems can occur in all types of relationships; heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual. We respectfully work with people to find solutions that meet the unique needs of their relationship.

Is there any touching involved?

No, there is no touching.

I've never talked to anyone about my problem before. How do I start?

Fear and embarrassment often keep people from discussing sexual issues. We work with individuals and couples in a way that will allow you to comfortably discuss these subjects so we can work on finding solutions.

Ask yourself what you have to lose if you give it a try. Find a way to make the first contact. The easiest is through email or simply calling one of the numbers listed below.