Sexuality is complex.

It may be complicated & emotionally challenging, but we can help

  • Do you want more sex than your partner?  Does your partner want more sex than you?
  • Do you have little or no sexual desire?
  • Is masturbation acknowledged in the relationship?
  • Has there been a breach of trust with secretive, extra-marital sex?
  • Do you have trouble accommodating sexually explicit media in your lives?
  • Does sex feel like an “addiction” or “out-of-control”?
  • Do you have difficulty getting and/or maintaining an erection?
  • Do you have difficulty holding off your ejaculation?
  • Is orgasm difficult for either a man or a woman?

We are Sex Therapists, Psychotherapists, and Marriage and Relationship Counsellors

Whether in person or online, we offer a safe, comfortable and inclusive space in which to examine your sexual and relationship values, issues and concerns. You will be able to examine who you are, where you may be stuck, your stumbling blocks and the issues which interfere with your having a satisfying and rewarding relationship in and out of bed.

If you want to begin to work on enjoying a more fulfilling sex life, contact me:


San Francisco

Questions? We have answers

Video consultation allows the immediacy of an in-office consultation, including the important visual cues which we are able to share with each other via webcam, from the comfort of your home or office.
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Experienced Staff

We have a dedicated staff of sex therapists, psychotherapists, and marriage counsellors helping people fulfill their personal lives, marriages or intimate relationships.
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Relaxed & Confidential

We affirm our commitment to personal, consensual, sexual rights and choices, gender equality and personal responsibility, and to the autonomy and empowerment of people.
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