Our Mission

We believe that an active and healthy sex life, based on mutual consent and respect between partners, is an important component of a happy and fulfilled life. It is vital to physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.

We provide information on all aspects of sexuality in a comfortable, welcoming environment permitting a sex-positive attitude. We offer various programs and provide education in support of diversity and freedom of choice regarding sexual practices.

We help people resolve anguish related to emotional, mental, sexual or physical diseases/disorders, as well as making appropriate referrals to other qualified professionals.

We assist with any other concerns directly or indirectly related to sexuality or relationships, recognizing that human sexuality is not isolated from other life factors.

Our Vision

People being able to overcome frustrations and dissatisfactions in all areas of their sexuality.

Our Values

We affirm our commitment to personal, consensual, sexual rights and choices, gender equality and personal responsibility, and to the autonomy and empowerment of people regardless of gender or sexual orientation everywhere. We believe that safeguarding and promoting these rights, and promoting the well-being of families and children, are development goals in themselves. All couples and individuals have the right to decide freely and responsibly what part they want sexuality to play in their relationships.